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Kayi and Zara

Kayi and Zara


It’s not often that cleaning the fridge is a catalyst for a new project, especially one that involves computers, children and food. It sounds more like a Fear Factor challenge, but here we are entering the blogosphere and this is our first post.

As I mentioned, part of this started when I was having one of those deep cleaning moments. You know the ones, when you think it is a good idea to move the fridge and remove about a year’s worth of cobwebs and a handful of shrivelled up little nuts that were probably once frozen peas.

While draped in cobwebs, I found one of our family’s weekly menu plans. My 2 kids and I make a weekly menu plan and stick it on the fridge. Shopping and cooking is  relatively stress free now that I know the ingredients will be on hand and we don’t drive home from school and work in peak hour traffic having heated discussions about ‘what’s for dinner?’ and ‘do we have to go to the supermarket agaaaaain…..’

It’s all there on the fridge. Easy. Nice.

Scurrying to put the menu plan in a safe place, I underestimated my own strength and managed to offload half a bookcase onto the floor. Years of travel notes, faded old maps and brochures and recipes from exotic countries went flying everywhere. As I scrambled around picking them up, I questioned why I needed to hang on to such nostalgic paraphernalia. I know my kids won’t want to inherit it.

Anyway enter the children and it was a no-brainer. It was time to let go, declutter and release myself, and my children, from the shackles of a nostalgic inheritance. Bring on the rubbish bags.

The recipes, well, I kept them and after one of the children kindly suggested that they needed to be kept in a ‘neat place’, we decided to share them here. For me, journeys and food go hand in hand, so many of my favourite dishes are a reminder of people or times or places that have created memories for me.

In this first post though, the children chose Beef Tortillas from the long lost menu plan. It’s quick and simple to prepare and the toasted cumin seeds make the bean mix super delicious. We just use packets of tortillas from the supermarket, not quite as authentic as the tortillas my friend and I ate from the street vendors of Mexico but we don’t have many Mexican street vendors in our town.

 Our Tortillas

  • Slice up and pan fry some rump steak with olive oil and big chunks of garlic
  • Toast a few cumin seeds
  • Drain and heat a can of red kidney beans. Mash them up and mix with garlic and the cumin seeds.
  • Make some guacamole by mashing a couple of avocados, some chopped onion or a spring onion, some tomatoes, a generous squeeze of lemon or lime juice, coriander, chopped chilli, salt and pepper to taste.
  • Heat up the tortillas, roll everything up and eat.

To keep young minds focussed on eating at all times, put a tempting bowl of sour cream with a sprinkling of smoked paprika on it, on the table as well.