Have you ever tried sujuk? Sujuk is one of my favrorite breakfast treats. I would like to have it every morning but dad does not get up at the right time to cook it!

Sujuk is a dry, spicy Turkish sausage that is made from lamb or beef and spices. It doesn’t have pork in it like sausages from Spain and Italy or Germany but in some other Middle Eastern countries they do use  pork for their sujuk. We buy it from the South African shop in Petone (that’s a bit weird). You have to cook it otherwise it is quite hard.

Some time ago my dad made sujuk. It was a bit too spicy for me. He spent alot of time stuffing the mixture into sausage casing. Mum made some the other day too but she said there weren’t enough hours in the day to stuff sausage skins so she wrapped the mixture in pastry and made sausage rolls. They were yummy.

By Zara