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enjoying childhood

Old head, young shoulders

7 year old Zara slumped down on the sofa next to me, ‘Oh mummy, she said, I need a business.’ ‘A business, darling?, I asked, slightly taken aback. ‘Why do you need a business?’ ‘Oh you know…so that I can get the money I need to buy things’.

Meanwhile, young head, old shoulders

We’ve just helped my father celebrate his 80th birthday. In his free time, he’s planning his next overseas trip, staying connected with his new smartphone, stays actively involved in more community organisations that you can poke a stick at (though he has just resigned as President of one of them after a successful 3 year stint), is politically and socially active, follows sports and has all his ‘faculties’!!

I just hope that I can do half as much as he does when I’m his age and I hope that Zara enjoys her childhood while she can. She’ll only get one of them.