We’ve had a bit of a hiatus but we’re back again. Nothing serious but there are times when it’s necessary to prioritise. The winter time is busy for us. The children are fully involved in their soccer, which means that’s where I am too. The sideline can be a cold place but with well insulated boots, several layers of jackets, a hot drink and the company of fine sideline folk, it’s all worth it. Only one more tournament to go. Last week Zara’s team were pipped at the post (5-4) in the dying seconds of the finals playoff. They played so well. Kayi’s team got second in their pool games but didn’t make it to the final – another chance this weekend!

Zara at practice

We haven’t spent much time being creative in the kitchen but Kayi did make some rather delicious chocolate brownies…

Loooove that chocolate

Licking the bowl has got to be good for you

And chocolate brownies go together well with freshly squeezed orange juice

doing it the hard way – but it’s more fun

and it’s important to be well nourished when you have hard manual labour to get stuck into

I hate this job – lucky I have some willing helpers